Nursing Services

Our Nursing department is a supporting units played a big role in helping patients undergoing treatment with comfortable and felt like being at home.  Moral support and hospitality has always become our priority.

With the sense of responsibility we have established REHAB Center  & Nursing Home services to patients who require more attention.

Our nursing are also active with health activities that took place accross the city, played a big role in delivering health information, guidance and health tips.


Penawar home nursing services provided by qualified and trained medical personnel to undertake the care of ailing patient in the comfort of their own home. This can be a more cost effective way to take care of your family member especially the ailing elderly as it reduces the need for long periods of hospitalization. Elderly patients who prefer to be in their own home will also benefit from this service.

Services include assessing the patient’s problems and needs, plan and implementing a specific tailor made care programs for the patient and family.

The family member will also be encouraged and educated on the method of patient care. This way, the family member can take over the task from our nurses eventually and slowly phasing off the dependability on outside assistance, thus reducing the cost further for the family in the long run.


Type of care :

* Nursing assessment

* Hygiene care and management

* Feeding and dietary supervision

* Bathing and personal grooming

* Medication 

* Skilled Nursing i.e. services includes disease management, post surgical and wound care, care of paralyzed patient, care of patient with stroke etc.

* Care giver training & supervision.

For inquiries and arrangement, Kindly contact

016-721 8876 (Miss Izzah) /

011-6064 0511 (SRN Noridah) / 016-733 1321 (Mathron Marziah)